WhatsApp ‘hang’ message prank!!

Hi ,

You must have seen or heard about WhatsApp hang message. Many users are facing issues with the functioning of their WhatsApp after taping on this message “If you touch the black point the your whatsapp will hang”.

What is this message and why WhatsApp is hanging ?
To answer this, There is either two messages or perhaps a single message with a line break that contains a line saying “If you touch the black point the your whatsapp will hang” – followed by a second line with some space in the start of message and a line that reads – “t-touch-here”. Also there are some emojis of a finger pointing downwards in the first line before the word “black” and a black circle next to the emoji of a finger pointing left in the second line.

The moment you tap on the message, or the black point just to confirm with the directions given in the first line, your WhatsApp “hangs” for a while where you cannot scroll up and down. While there is nothing malicious behind this bug but has seemingly been composed to annoy you. The message that is being forwarded contains some unknown special character that upon being tapped impedes the operations of WhatsApp.

Those who have received this message need not worry, as this is harmless prank. However, you are advised not to touch any part of this message.

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