What is GDPR? Why are we getting new mails regarding privacy policy update?

You might have noticed about mails from social media and other services were you have shared your data about their updated terms and conditions . This means that these services have changed their terms following GDPR compliance.

What is GDPR?
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It exists protect and give more control toEU citizens over their data . This is the fundamental change the way organisation must approach data privacy.

When did GDPR start?
GDPR came into effect across the European Union on 25th May 2018.

GDPR Definitions :-
Natural Person , Personal data , Processing , Profiling , Controller , The Processor , Supervisor Authority.
Natural Person : Natural Person can be identified by name,Identification number ,location data, online identifier.
Personal Data : Any information related to natural person, that can be used to identify him.
Processing : Any operation that is performed on personal data by automated means or by manual means to record the data and collect them.
Profiling : Profiling is automated processing of personal data I.e, intended to evaluate , analyse or predict subject behaviour.
Controller : The entity that determines the purpose, conditions and means of processing personal data.
Processor : Entity that process the data on behalf of the controller.
Supervisor Authority : A public authority which is established by government to make give supervision .

Principles of GDPR:
1. Data collected for specific and explicit purposes.
2. Data must be accurate and maintained.
3. Data retained only for how long it is needed.
4. Data must be processed lawfully, transparently and fairly.
5. Data must be processed securely and you must be able to prove this.
6. Data held must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is needed.

Next question would be who has to follow these GDPR rules?
Anyone who is located within EU union and anyone who holds information of EU citizen has to follow these(principles of GDPR) rules.

You must be thinking what rights as a customer/client/user of social media,Email and other service, do we have on my personal data. These are the rights of data subject.
* Portability.
* Rectification.
* Erasure.
* Profiling and fairness.
* Access.
* Restrict processing.
* Object to processing.
* Information privacy.

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