What is Cambridge Analytica? What is the Scandal about it?


Cambridge Analytica is basically a consulting firm which deals with data mining, data analysis for the electoral process.

In March 2018, there were reports about data breach by Cambridge Analytica on Facebook. Now how they collect data, How did they classify them. To whom did they sell these data and how did they strategize for their benefit.

You may have seen ads about “Which celebrity do you look like”, “How will you die”, “Will you be rich in future”, apps like thisisyourdigitallife, etc., Now when you click on these ads or post you will be directed to access page, were you have to give permission for the post to access data from your profile like your name, date of birth, religion, your interest,etc., without seeing what access is it asking, you just click on ok as you read “It will not post anything on your profile”. It will give you some bluff results based on your posts and views, Which you think is correct.

At the backend, they collect the data and structure that data according to them. From that collected data they are able to tell what’s your age, What is your interest, Who do you support, Are you an introvert or extrovert. And based on this they provide data to either ruling or opposition party and give them a suggestion and how to attract users to their vote.

Now as per resource half million Facebook users data from India has been mined for the electoral purpose. And also facebook has said that on 11th April users will get a notification in their news feed if their data has been affected or not. And if affected then how has it affected. for more info on this click here

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