How to spot an Scammer in online

In this article, we will be showing how to spot a scammer in the Digital world(Quickr, Telegram). You must have read in NEWS about people losing their money in quickr, Telegram.

First, what is a scam?

A scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. So a person who does this is known as Scammer. I had heard that there were scammers in quickr. And found one easily.

Here I have uploaded a chat with one of the scammers who were in quickr. Now I am living in Bengaluru, India. So I have filtered the search for the ads within Bengaluru. I got attracted to the ads were the seller is selling iPhone X for 30K(INR). Now, who would sell an iPhone to such low amount?. Remember scammers always sell high budget products to a low amount, so that people would by the product from them.


Here seller is from another country, but in ads, it says the seller is in Bengaluru. He is in hurry, so I bargained for 26K. which he accepted. Then he says that he will ship the product to me and I need to pay half amount in advance and the rest after the product is delivered. Then Seller calls me through Whatsapp call and he is talking in Nigerian accent. And is asking me how fast can I pay the money. He sends his account details which are from SBI(State Bank of India). And the number from which he is calling me is International Call. Now, how come a foreigner is having SBI account in INDIA. Here you can see how scammers are scamming people in name of the product. If I had gone ahead with the payment, he would have blocked me once I paid the amount.

Moral of the story: Always get confirmation from the seller whether She/He is from the same city or not. And chat with them by asking to send more pics of the device, accessories, and invoice. If they say that will send the product by courier. Then they are scammers.

What is carding?

Carding is a term describing the trafficking of a credit card, bank account and other personal information online as well as related fraud services.

Many of these(Carders) are in telegram and Instagram, where they say that they can get you any product in less amount. And like fools, many will fall for it and end up paying money. Once the carders get your money they just block you. Since they accept the money through Paytm, Paypal, BTC, or other eWallets we will not be able to trace them. Mark my words never deal with carders or scammers as you end up losing your money.

Note: This is a Research purpose only. Never deal with scammers or carders