Running Python scripts in Jenkins

In this post, I will show how to run python scripts in Jenkins. For demo purpose, I have installed python and Jenkins in my local system.

Make sure you have installed the latest version of Jenkins and Python in your system(local or cloud). I assume that you have already done setup of Jenkins in your system.

Now navigate to Global Tool Configuration which is under manage Jenkins. Scroll down and click on add Python under python.

Give the path of python installed location here and save it.

Now go Jenkins job and create a new job. Select the freestyle project.

Under SCM select your git repository. And add your git URL. My repo

Underbuild section select Execute Windows batch command. And add the below command to set python path “SET PATH=%PATH%;%Python_path%”.

Python_path is variable, I have set this in Global properties under environment variable. Change it with your path.

And now add python command to run the file i.e, “python”.Save it and click on a Build job.

The project will get executed and you can check the console log.

Hope this information has helped you.

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