CSI Series by The Observser

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
The scene starts at 9.30 Saturday with 2dead bodies(both male) near train track. The CSI’s are called to investigate as the local police suspect it to be homicide. CSI supervisor Gil Grissom and CSI level 3 Morgan Brody reach the scene. Agent Brass starts talking with witness. The CSI find it odd as they don’t find any tire marks or struggle So they rule out it was body dump. David The M.E(Medical Examiner) checks the temperature of the liver and says they have been dead around 12 hours(Friday 11.30PM). David packs the body and shifts it to laboratory for further investigation. Morgan checks the pocket for identification of the body. 1st body is identified as Vikram Das Indian citizens a tourist and another one is identified as Karan Gupta who is born and brought up in Las Vegas. Morgan checks for mobile.She pack it as evidence for further investigation
Grissom goes to laboratory and ask David did he find anything in there stomach. David Checks the stomach contents and says they had eaten burger and Diet Coke and some piece of origami sachet paper was found in one of the body. Hodges a Trace Technician recognise the logo of the sachet and says that belongs to PapaJones Pizza. Morgan lists all the papaJones Pizza branch that are near to the site where dead bodies were found. She finds 2 and goes to investigate. She gets the CCTV footage of both the shops and goes to Archie,a Tech Expert. He takes the facial prints and searches in the video footage. He gets the match in one of the shop. In that video both are seen seating next to each other and talking . After some time the camera gets some disturbance and doesn’t record anything. Morgan calls the shop and asks why the camera has not recorded . The manager of the shop says that it is fine,its recording. Archie checks for the recent contact in both phones. He takes the copy of recent call logs to Grissom and says they both called each other frequently from Thursday. And also Karan got call from an unknown number . We are trying to reach it but it says call not permitted. Grissom says to Archie to drop a message to that number that “I am fine,Reached home. Sorry couldn’t message u early”. He gets a call from that number and the other person says its fine. I am in Tangiers Casino. Tangiers Casino is owned by Sam .Who is also the father of Catherine Willios a CSI Supervisor. With Sam’s help they get CCTV live footage of the casino. Grissom messages to that number that he has reached casino but i can’t find you. Grissom gets a message that he is in the front gate. Grissom finds him and talks to him. That person is Jai Wardhan. Grissom identifies himself as CSI and he is investigating a crime. Jai says ok, How can he help. Grissom asks how does he know Karan Gupta. Jai says he is friend. And asks what happened. Grissom says he found Karan and Vikram’s body near Track.
Grissom asks when did he see him last time. Jai says “At pizza shop on Friday night.Why?”. Grissom says that there bodies were dropped near track. Grissom says to not to go anywhere until the case is solved. Jai says ok Officer. Morgan goes to Archie if he found any other connection from the phones that she recovered. Archie says he found some images from Vikram’s mobile,In that images he found another body of girl who has been killed based upon the blood on the floor. Morgan asks Archie if he can find who that women is. Archie says he found it.Girl’s name is Indira wife of Karan. They think that Vikram must have killed her and Karan but why he killed them. And who killed Vikram. At the laboratory David is finding it hard for COD(Cause Of Death). Grissom comes and asks he did find the COD. David says yes but I am not sure. Grissom asks why is he saying like that. David says from the heart, he got to know both suffered heart Attack. Grissom says both are well built and young how can they get heart attack and that to at the same time. In the lab Archie asks did they get who the other person was to whom he had messaged. Morgan says Jai Wardhan. Archie asks did she say Jai Wardhan. She says yes and asks does he know who is. Archie says he sone of the most powerful person in India. He is tycoon and also one of the most talented Hacker. Morgan asks how does he know all this. Archie says he had attended one of the workshop where he(Jai) was the guest Lecturer. Morgan asks if he(Archie) can find more information about Jai. Archie says he can try.Morgan shares this information with Grissom. Grissom says to Morgan to call Jai and ask him to come to the office. Jai comes to the office and asks for Morgan. Meanwhile Archie locates the body of Indira. David performs dissection of Indira’s body and comes to the conclusion that she was hit on her head by a hammer. Agent Brass finds the weapon near the site where her body was found. Morgan finds finger prints on the hammer, the weapon that was used and matches it with Vikram’s fingerprint. Upon investigation CSI gets to know that Vikram and Indira were siblings. And they used to fight for the property left by there father.And karan was India’s childhood friend and husband. Grissom and Brass take Jai to the interrogation room and ask him did he know anything about this by showing Indira’s body. Jai says no. He got to know now, And asks Grissom to leave this case. As he doesn’t want to know what happened. Grissom asks what does he talking about and let them know. He says that it is his work to find what went wrong. And bring the justice to the crime committed. Jai says he knows what happened and he will take care of the person who has committed such heinous crime. Grissom says he(Jai) can’t do anything. As there is court to decide and punish the criminal. Morgan signs Grissom to come out. Grissom says to Jai that he can’t go outside . And ask him to provide his fingerprint and DNA. Jai says he can’t as he doesn’t have any fingerprint on his hand. Grissom says to give his DNA.Jai says he doesn’t have any DNA or blood. Grissom gets irritated by this and asks brass to lock him in the interrogation room as he is going to find evidence.
Upon investigation Morgan comes to know that there was a guy who was deeply in love with Indira and stalked her. Morgan gets his address,His name is Abhinav. Morgan and Grissom go to the address and find the blood in the leaving room. Grissom goes inside the room and Morgan gets attacked from behind by Abhinav. Morgan screams  for Grissom for help. Grissom arrives. Grissom asks Abhinav to drop the weapon and leave Morgan as she is CSI. And they have come here for the investigation related to Indira. Abhinav says he will kill them in the same way he had killed Vikram and Karan. Grissom asks how did he kill them and why did he kill them. Abhinav says Karan was cheating on Indira and he was caught by Vikram. Vikram deviced a plan to kill Indira and he would get all the money. Abhinav couldn’t save Indira . So he wanted to kill both Karan and Vikram. Grissom asks then who is the 5 year old girl he found in his(Abhinav) bed room. Abhinav says he was wrong about Karan. The girl he saw is karat’s daughter. Karan had told Indira about that girl. Vikram blackmailed that if didn’t help to kill Indira he will kill the girl also.Abhinav says He misunderstood that Karan was cheating on Indira. At that time suddenly the house gets to shake. Grissom says what is happening here. Jai comes inside and asks Abhinav to leave Morgan as there are here just to investigate the case. Abhinav says he can’t as they know I killed them.Jai says you punished them for the murder they committed . He will take care of this. Abhinav says shut up. I am going to kill you also . Jai says try it,Go ahead kill me. Abhinav says you are no longer have power, you will die now and fires bullet on jai.Jai catches the bullet with his bare hands. Everyone are shocked as how could he catch the bullet.Abhinav says this is not possible.I had seen you had sacrificed your powers. Jai says I didn’t sacrificed my power. I just created a scene that I am sacrificing my power. Let them go or be ready for you death. Abhinav lets Morgan from gunpoint and says he will surrender. Agent brass comes there and arrest Abhinav. Jai goes to the bedroom and picks the girl. The girl recognise jai and calls him chachu. Jai says that dad has gone somewhere and can’t return.So is she ok to stay with me.Girl says ok. Grissom says that he(Jai) can call her mother to pick her from the office. Jai says that her mother died after childbirth. Grissom says that she will be handed over to child service and there he should apply for her custody. Jai says she won’t be going anywhere. She is his responsibility. A person from child service come to take her, the child says she will not go with her. Jai say to that person call his senior incharge and get him to talk with him. The person calls his supervisor and gives the phone to Jai.Jai says somethings and says he can take the child with him. Grissom and Morgan are surprised to see this. Grissom asks him how could he catch the bullet with his bare hands.Jai says its a long story. And gives a smile to Morgan while going to india.
Archie asks Grissom where did jai go. He says he left office why? What happened?Archie says he wanted to meet him personally. Morgan says I will help. Grissom asks how can she help.She says I got his number.
—————————————-The End——————————————

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